San Miguel de Allende Mx ... some call it Heaven, others just call it Home 
Looking for luxury or cheap travel ...we can help you enjoy San Miguel de Allende activities in style... Use us a just a little or alot

Bring together your favourite travel companions, family or colleagues . . . we tailor and personalize your trip for a more eye-opening immersion of this magical colonial town, San Miguel de Allende Mx .Call us directly at USA Voip718-618-4479 or click Enticing Options above to help give you ideas about what things you are interested in doing and seeing in San Miguel de Allende Mx. It offers you great things to do, the kinds of walks and day-trips we can book for you, things for your children to do, and a few sample luxury packages already put together to give you ideas. You will not pay more than if you took the time to find and book everything yourself. It's like having family in town you can call on for any whim or emergency!

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Call these reliable indiviuals to rent your villa, small apt with a view or family home in place of a tourist laden hotel

Enjoy your privacy and feel like you live here

Robert Latta: Starting at:Sleeps 2: $700US/week–$4000/month. leeps 6: $1,500US/week–$2,500/month

Rory Kyle:Starting at: Sleeps 2: $300US/week–$800US/month. Sleeps 6: $800US/week–$3000US/Month

For the best service and experience in Renting a Villa or Real Estate inquiries or a Tour of interesting properties for sale : contact Alexis Edelen directly
Call Alexis at 415-738-0779 U.S

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Oh...and for information regarding fiesta and special event dates please have a look at San Miguel MX Secrets... we wouldn't want you to miss a thing when you come to visit! When you have had a good look...just fill in our Reservations form and we will tailor your trip to fit you.

You can arrange private trips made to fit you: you may only need a little guidance or want a full concierge service like that you would expect in a first class hotel or on a planned vacation.

You decide how much assistance you need. With our help you see the real San Miguel de Allende City, and feel it in depth even if you only have a few days.

You can get to those places that you never get to see as a tourist…and maybe never... just because you are a foreigner. You might never otherwise find out what is beyond so many of the walls and doors of this beautiful place.

Tell us your dreams and interests and we will bring it to life…we will plan a total vacation in advance, free from the worry and doubt of what is available. We use only local bilingual drivers, guides, shopping consultants, teachers, sports consultants, culinary, music and art professionals.

Our first choice of whom to connect you with is always real San Miguelenses with legitimate training and licence on top of knowledge of the area you are looking for. English is a must.

We lived and worked in San Miguel for at least 20 years and can give you old fashioned values and a cultural immersion that only a True Concierge can offer.

Click the doorknob and fill out as much as you know about you and your group, your dates and what you are looking for and we will call or write you back within days with your options!

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San Miguel de Allende, Gto Mexico is magical, historical, timeless… a haven for artists, intellectuals, musicians and a different life style…time beats to a different drummer. Make sure you see behind those beautiful doors…absorb the culture.

The road less-traveled can be so rewarding…often the best things to do are the biggest secrets. We send you in the right direction and make sure you have access to those first world comforts for the moments you may need them.


Come on in...we'll show you around...

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